How to enter

Entering this premier print awards is easier than you think. Simply follow the steps below and you could be on your way to winning The GAPP Award.

All entries must be submitted by no later than 31 July 2020; there will be no extension.

Choose your finest work

Look over the print you have produced since August 2018 up to end of June 2020. The piece/s you submit should be free of obvious imperfections.

Note: All entries become the property of Sentient Publishing and are not returnable unless previously stated. Entry constitutes approval for promotional use by Sentient Publishing and The GAPP brand.

Register and complete the entry form online

Note: You must complete and attach an entry form to each piece that you submit.

Determine the category for your piece

Each piece is entered in a specific category.

Don’t know which category to select? To help identify an appropriate category, consider:

  • The equipment used to produce the piece.
  • The type of process used.
  • How the piece is used.
  • The number of colours — count the number of ink colours, including varnish. Do not count the paper or substrate or any type of foil.

Remember, you can enter a piece in more than one category!

Note: When you enter a piece in more than one category, you must submit the piece, an entry form, and pay a fee for each category you enter. The cost per entry is R650 excluding VAT.

The judges will have the right to move an entry if they consider that it has been incorrectly entered into a specific category.

Complete the entry form.

We have made entering the awards easier and more convenient for you. Submit your entries via the online entry system.

Complete all sections of the entry form and submit them online. Print a copy of the entry form for inclusion with your entry submission, attach it to your entry and courier/deliver/send this to Sentient Publishing. Submit at least two copies of each entry. Do not use staples and ensure that your entry is well protected and in immaculate condition. Deliver, courier or post your entry to the address details provided.

The entries will be photographed so please try to ensure that they are in as close to pristine condition as possible.

The finalists will be notified by Sentient Publishing of the judges’ decisions.